Liquor License

The Liquor license is an authorization granted by a State’s Excise Department that allows people to manufacture, transport, and sells alcoholic beverages within the state. The Liquor license authorizes businesses to sell and market alcohol.

In legal terms, Liquor License can be defined as legal permission given by the State Excise Department to those who are willing to expand the boundaries of their business by distributing alcoholic beverages or drinks at a particular place. The business personnel must adhere to the rules and guidelines framed by the state governing authorities.

Selling liquor is one of the most profitable businesses for the Restaurant and Hotel Sector. It helps in increasing the profit addition because of the high demand. Simultaneously, obtaining a Liquor License also involves:-

  • A Lot of requirements,
  • Documentation,
  • Complexities, and
  • Course of Action.

Further, as every state has a different set of laws and regulations governing liquor, State governments are required to keep an eye on the sale and consumption of alcohol.

What are the Benefits of obtaining a Liquor License?

There a lot of benefits of obtaining a liquor license. A Few of them are mentioned below-

  • Provides a proper fine dine experience to their customers.
  • Restaurant or Hotel can sell the alcohol legally.
  • Having a Liquor license enhances the sitting component of the restaurant.
  • A restaurant with a Liquor license can offer more variety of drinks to its patrons.
  • Enhance better access to market opportunities.

What Documents are required for obtaining the Liquor License?

Below-Mentioned Documents Are Required For Obtaining Liquor License-

  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Address proof the premise used
  • Affidavit Duly Notarized – Declaring actual Possession (No Litigation Involved)
  • Physical Possession- (Approved by DDA/NDMC/MCD)
  • Layout Plan
  • License Fee – (May differ from time to time Circular)
  • Security Amount (Refundable)
  • Follows the Interior Design as Applicable rules
  • NOC from the Fire Department
  • NOC from Municipal Corporation
  • Application with business details
  • If an applicant is a company, list of directors, MOA and AOA
  • Copy of latest Income Tax return
  • Photograph of the authorized person
  • An affidavit stating that the applicant has no criminal background
  • An affidavit stating that the authorized person is not levanter when it comes to payment of dues
  • Refrigerator Invoice

Elucidate the Checklist to be kept in Mind while Filing a Liquor License

  • Businesses that are authorized to sell.
  • Types of liquor that may be sold.
  • Who can sell the alcohol?
  • Quantity of alcohol that may be sold at a time.
  • Who can apply for a liquor license?
  • Costing of License.
  • Documentation required for obtaining the license.

What is the Process of obtaining a Liquor License?

Every state follows its own defined set of rules and regulations regarding the buy, sale, and utilization of liquor. Before applying for a liquor license, one must have total information on the alcohol laws prevailing in that state. State Excise Department is responsible for liquor laws.

Anybody keens on acquiring a liquor license can ask about the equivalent on the Website of the State Excise Department, expressly visiting the license granting authority or by visiting close-by shops. Following steps are required to be followed for getting the Liquor License-

  • 1


    Visit the State Excise Department’s official website to get an idea of the Liquor License process in different states.

  • 2


    Once a potential influencer gets an idea regarding the process involved, the very next step is to know what type of license an applicant needs.

  • 3


    The next step is to get the appropriate documents required for the License.

  • 4


    Download the application form for the type of license an applicant needs from the State Excise Department’s website.

  • 5


    You need to fill the form with the requisite details, and attach supporting documents if required.

  • 6


    Once the documents get submitted, the applicant shall pay the fees as stated.

  • 7


    Once the fee is paid, the state authority will verify the applicant’s information and may also raise the query if required.

  • 8


    After the verification process, a public notice will be published by the state authority and displayed at the location.

  • 9


    The notice must be displayed at the location for a while. During the period, if the local people from the area have any objection, the applicant has the full right to defend his approach. However, in case of no objection, the authority will proceed further in reviewing the application.

What do you mean by Revoking of the Liquor License?

The State Excise Authorities has the power to revoke the license on encountering one of the following events:-

What is the Validity of Liquor License?

Liquor license is valid for one year, that is, it is legally necessary to get it renewed annually, and this implies the fact that renewal charges are to be paid every year. Any individual who needs to get his license renewed needs to apply for the equivalent before thirty days from the date of expiry alongside the payment of renewal charges. Submit the application form along with the Challan copy, Evidence of the installment of use charge of twenty-five rupees, and the liquor license renewal fee fixed by the State Government every once in a while.

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